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Try “Saleblazers” during Steam Survival Fest

Try shopkeeping survival game “Saleblazers” during Steam Survival Fest August 1-8!

The free Saleblazers demo is now live during Steam Survival Fest from August 1-8!

Saleblazers is a premium systems-based open-world multiplayer shopkeeping survival game featuring stylized graphics and a complex combat system. Build a fully simulated shop while surviving a perilous island environment with up to 7 friends. 

Please keep in mind that Saleblazers is a work in progress. Gameplay and performance are still being improved. The full version of Saleblazers to be released this winter will feature a narrative campaign and PvP server hopping.

If you enjoy playing the Saleblazers demo, please join the Saleblazers Discord ( for perpetual playtest keys, updates, and to give your valuable feedback to help us balance gameplay and make changes.

We hope you enjoy our Steam Survival Fest build of Saleblazers!

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