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Try “Saleblazers” during Steam Survival Fest

The free Saleblazers demo is now live during Steam Survival Fest from August 1-8! Saleblazers is a premium systems-based open-world multiplayer shopkeeping survival game featuring stylized graphics and a complex combat system. Build a fully simulated shop while surviving a perilous island environment with up to 7 friends.  Please keep in mind that Saleblazers […]


Some (Unstable) Unity Mirror Optimizations

Mirror‘s a great tool for networking in Unity. Here are 2 things that we did to speed things up a little that I wouldn’t want to push to the official repo, but we did in our project with no repurcussions. Removing ClearAllComponentsDirtyBits We just straight up commented out this section in NetworkIdentity.ServerUpdate(). It was costing […]