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Saleblazers has a Steam page now!

After 2 years and 10 months, we finally have a Steam page! Check it out here: We’ve also got a cool little gameplay trailer to go along with it. It’s been very exciting for all of us here at Airstrafe Interactive! Some of us haven’t launched a Steam page before, so it’s doubly exciting. […]


Some (Unstable) Unity Mirror Optimizations

Mirror‘s a great tool for networking in Unity. Here are 2 things that we did to speed things up a little that I wouldn’t want to push to the official repo, but we did in our project with no repurcussions. Removing ClearAllComponentsDirtyBits We just straight up commented out this section in NetworkIdentity.ServerUpdate(). It was costing […]

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Networked Child GameObjects Using Mirror in Unity

We’re using Unity and Mirror for Saleblazers. At the time, there wasn’t a networking solution I felt comfortable with committing to. Photon’s great, but it has a high CCU cost over time. UNET was deprecated. I’m too dumb for custom solutions like RakNet. MLAPI was okay at the time, but seemed highly experimental. I think […]

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Pivoting Towards Fun

I’ve had to pivot quite a few times because I’m relatively inexperienced. Sometimes I just don’t know if an idea is good or not until it’s in my hands. I’ve always wondered if I should stick to an idea and commit to it until the end no matter what. Oh well. Too late! That’s only […]

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Hi. I’m Michael Duan, founder and programmer at Airstrafe Interactive. In case you’re wondering—yes, it did take quite a bit of self-control to not write “Hello World” as the title of this initial post. We’ll be making blog posts here about our progress on Saleblazers, an open-world multiplayer survival game where you play as a […]