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Picture of Michael Duan, founder of Airstrafe Interactive.

Hi. I’m Michael Duan, founder and programmer at Airstrafe Interactive. In case you’re wondering—yes, it did take quite a bit of self-control to not write “Hello World” as the title of this initial post.

We’ll be making blog posts here about our progress on Saleblazers, an open-world multiplayer survival game where you play as a shopkeeper.

Saleblazers: Online Co-op Shopkeeping Action RPG

Saleblazers will initially release on PC via Steam, but we’re planning on bringing it to consoles in the future. Maybe if phones continue to improve at the same trajectory as today, we’ll even be able to port it for mobile gamers to enjoy.

There’ll also be occasional news updates about our game studio in general: what it’s like to work here, introducing new faces, announcing fun events, etc.

I hope you’ll enjoy everything we have in store for you.

Happy 2022!

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